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Posted on June 25th 2013 by admin-movingin

UK landlords worried about potential for rent arrears

Landlords in the UK are concerned about the potential for rental arrears as tenants struggle to cover their bills.

Research by KANA found three-quarters of those questioned have worries over whether renters can keep on track of their monthly payments. 

The study – which was carried out ahead of the Chartered Institute of Housing Annual Conference and Exhibition – shows that property owners are not totally convinced about the strength of the sector at present. 

Nigel Buck from KANA has called on landlords to develop a “closer understanding of their tenants” to make sure problems do not arise. 

However, he added it is impossible to “build or maintain … accurate tenant profiles” if the right processes are not in place. 

Because of this, landlords could consider outsourcing their properties to letting agents, as this way they can entrust many of the activities to professionals who can dedicate all of the resources to liaising with leaseholders.