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Posted on January 9th 2014 by admin-movingin

Rent arrears crisis looms for thousands of tenants

One in eleven people in Britain fear they won’t be able to afford their rent or mortgage at the end of this month.

Research from Shelter, based on a YouGov survey of more than 4000 British adults, shows household budgets across the country at breaking point, and suggests that millions will start the New Year worried about keeping their homes.

Families are the worst affected, with over 70% of rent or mortgage payers with children currently struggling or falling behind with their payments, compared to 63% of the general population.

Shelter is warning that many people, feeling overwhelmed by money worries, will put off overdue bills until it’s too late, placing their homes at risk.

The findings revealed a worrying trend of people unable to face up to their financial difficulties, with nearly one in five saying they’ve not opened post if they thought it was a bill or late payment reminder.

Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “It’s a worrying sign of the times that so many are starting the New Year worried about how they’ll pay their rent or mortgage in 2014. Unless they get help, some of the families struggling now could face the very real prospect of losing their home this year.”