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Posted on November 17th 2014 by admin-movingin

RLA take a pot shot at Ed Miliband

Labour leader Ed Miliband has been accused of launching a populist tirade against landlords that bears little resemblance to fact.

The Residential Landlords Association says many of Labour’s proposals bear little resemblance to reality.

In particular it is critical that the policies appear to ignore data from the Office for National Statistics showing that rents are falling in real terms, evidence from the English Housing Survey showing just seven per cent of tenancies are ended by a landlord, and research indicating that 84 per cent of private sector tenants are now satisfied with their housing according to the English Housing Survey compared to 81% in the social sector.

“Once again Labour are playing to people’s fears and engaging in the politics of cheap populism rather than reality. The RLA would be the first to admit that there are many challenges facing the sector, but the debate needs to be based on sound evidence. Sadly Ed Miliband has departed from the facts” claims RLA chairman Alan Ward