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Posted on January 30th 2015 by admin-movingin

Virtual furniture – the next big thing for agents?

You have to say that this looks like a very interesting idea – could it catch on in the UK?

It’s virtual furniture used to stage empty houses, including homes where existing and outdated furniture has been moved out.

The photographer then takes pictures of empty rooms before digitally inserting furniture.

In Australia it’s said to be a growing trend, and far cheaper than hiring furniture as is a regular practice for rental properties in particular.

There are some Australian agents that don’t like the use of virtual furniture because they think people will be disappointed when they turn up to find empty rooms. But this doesn’t seem to happen.

And according to one estate agent, business has almost doubled since he started using virtual furniture.

After all, as he points out, people who have seen the furniture on the internet can always go out and buy it.