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Posted on April 10th 2015 by admin-movingin

Landlord body sets out S8 and S13 changes

A trade body says new legislation which came into effect this week means there are now strict procedures which landlords must follow when seeking to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

This refers to the two main termination options, Section 8 (usually rent arrears) and the standard Section 21 route to possession. 

The National Landlords Association says it is offering via its website the latest version of the Section 8 notice, using the correct wording – this replaces the old wording which, if used, may be thrown out by a judge if a landlord subsequently has to apply for a Possession Order.

The association says any notices served prior to Monday April 6 will still be valid, if the original wording was used and they were served correctly.

There are also changes to the Section 13 notice, typically used to notify a tenant of a rent increase – again the new wording is available on the NLA website. 

The association says that if a landlord’s tenancy does not include a rent review clause, a Section 13 notice should be served if the rent is to be raised.