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Posted on May 26th 2015 by admin-movingin

Landlord attacked by illegal immigrant tenant

A landlord was punched and kicked by a tenant and then had a bowl of spaghetti thrown at his head. 

Rashid Bomedian, a Moroccan national, carried out the attack because his landlord had allegedly reported him to police after he had returned home with a stolen bicycle.

Wolverhampton crown court sent Bomedian to court for eight months and the judge told him it would be likely that he would be deported on his release.

Bomedian allegedly stole the bicycle following a scuffle with its owner outside a restaurant, according to a report in the city’s Express and Star local newspaper.

When the police visited the tenant’s home, he escaped despite being tasered. 

The court was told that Bomedian attacked his landlord with what the newspaper calls “a volley of kicks and punches, causing him to suffer a swollen cheek, a cut lip and scratches and bruises to his face.”

Bomedian seized his landlord’s mobile phone and used a mattress to block the front doorway.

The court heard that Bomedian had arrived in the UK illegally three years ago after fleeing persecution in North Africa.