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Posted on June 12th 2015 by admin-movingin

Fergus Wilson told he cannot have gun licences

Britain’s best-known private landlord, Fergus Wilson, has been told that he cannot have his shotgun and rifle licences returned to him.

Wilson, who assaulted an estate agent, Daniel Wells, in Folkestone, Kent, had applied for a renewal in August 2013.

A firearms expert went to his home where the guns were kept, but found he had moved to a nearby address.

Inside the property, nearly 1,000 rounds of rifle ammunition dating back 16 years were found.

The officer ordered Wilson to surrender the licences and took away keys to the gun cabinet.

Wilson appealed against the decision of Kent’s chief constable not to grant new licences.

However, a judge and two magistrates have upheld the decision.

There’s a newspaper report here: