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Posted on June 30th 2015 by admin-movingin

TV show to feature buy to let tenants who owe thousands

The second episode of Channel 5’s Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, due to air tomorrow evening at 9pm, will feature three separate landlords all facing financial ruin as a result of rogue tenants. 

One strand of the show will follow builder Franc Coutinho, who has been renting his property out in North London for six years without a problem until his latest tenant moves in. Within six weeks, problems with paying the rent begin, with the tenant reporting allegedly false problems with the boiler to justify not paying rent. 

Despite numerous visits by plumbers to the property, when rent was due, the boiler mysteriously stopped working. Unable to take anymore and facing financial ruin, the eviction process begins through Landlord Action. 

However, when his day in court arrives, the tenant files a last minute defence – again about the faulty boiler – and delays the eviction by months.

A second strand features landlord Dipan Doshi who has been renting his flat out to a family of four for 18 months but for the past year has received only minimal rent and is now owed over £12,000. 

The third case study used in the programme, and out of pocket to the tune of £7,000 in unpaid rent, is landlord Louise McKinlay. She gets her tenant evicted but finds her problems continue.