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Posted on October 19th 2015 by admin-movingin

PRS redress chief backs Fair Lettings campaign on Twitter today

The PRS, one of three authorised redress schemes, is backing a ‘Fair Lettings’ campaign being introduced by Camden council in London.

It says Camden is one of only a handful of councils in London that have issued fines to agents who do not comply with the law and who have not become members of a redress scheme since it became a legal requirement just over a year ago. 

PRS says between 40 and 50 agents or other property professionals apply to join each week, and as over 95 per cent of them are completely new to redress scheme membership it is clear they must have been non-compliant for over a year. 

Camden council is running a Twitter campaign today to inform tenants on their rights and to urge non-compliant agents to sign up to a redress scheme. 

The PRS says it will be retweeting Camden council, which uses the Twitter handle @camdentalking and the hashtag #fairlettings.

Between 3pm and 4pm there will be a live Q&A session with a council representative who will give advice to prospective renters on what to do if they find an agent does not comply.

“Camden Council are doing a great job with the #fairlettings campaign. This campaign shows that councils can do a lot more than many of them are right now to make sure property professionals comply with the law” says Sean Hooker, ombudsman at the PRS.