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Posted on October 28th 2015 by admin-movingin

Council demolishes rental properties declared “illegal outbuildings”

Two unauthorised outbuildings occupied by five adults and a child have been demolished by a London council after a landlord failed to comply with an enforcement notice that was served on her well over a year ago.

The buildings were first discovered in October 2013 after a resident reported a planning breach to Ealing council.

The landlord, a Mrs Nadeem, was subsequently served with the notice in 2014 that required her to stop using the outbuildings and to demolish them both by December 2014. 

A formal warning was issued to Nadeem when the deadline passed with no remedial action being taken. She again failed to comply.

The council – which demolished the outbuildings last month – said they were in very poor condition with damp and no insulation. The occupants have since found alternative accommodation.

“I am always astounded when I see and hear about the unacceptable conditions that landlords of unauthorised outbuildings expect tenants to live in.” says a council spokesman. 

“These illegal structures are substandard and do not meet the planning regulations that are in place to protect our residents and communities. They will not be tolerated and the council will take robust action where owners fail to comply with enforcement notices” he says.

Nadeem will get a bill for the full cost of the demolition works carried out by the council. If the bill is not settled a charge will be placed on the properties on site which will incur interest until the outstanding money is paid in full. 

In addition to these two buildings, the council also took enforcement action in August to remove three illegal outhouses elsewhere in the borough.