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Posted on November 19th 2014 by admin-movingin

Landlords are urged to lobby MPs over nightmare tenants

The Residential Landlords Association has set up a special web page to debunk what it calls the myth of revenge evictions, and wants landlords to lobby MPs to tell them about nightmare tenants.

The RLA is one of a number of industry groups campaigning against a measure by Liberal Democrat MP Sarah Teather, who has a private members bill being discussed in the Commons next week on the subject of revenge or ‘retaliatory’ evictions.

Teather claims that under her bill, when a complaint about an eviction is received from a tenant, the local authority will contact the landlord to resolve the problem, only serving a statutory notice if the landlord is clearly at fault and there is a serious issue with the property.

The RLA, however, says not only is there no evidence that the vast majority of landlords would ever evict their tenants without good reason, but that the legislation would actually undermine confidence in the private rented sector at the time when it is needed most.

“Landlords need to be able to deal with nightmare tenants who cause misery in their communities and those who just won’t pay their rent” says RLA chairman Alan Ward.

The association now wants MPs to be lobbied and letters written to housing minister Brandon Lewis to explain how tenants can be a problem and the right to evict is one which should not be hampered.

The RLA also wants landlords to tell it “about the problems you have faced with nightmare tenants” and how Section 21 eviction rights should be protected.