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Posted on February 13th 2015 by admin-movingin

4 Important Traits of Fantastic Inventory Clerks

4 Important Traits of Fantastic Inventory Clerks 

In today’s rental market it’s a no brainer to compile inventories to protect our clients’ properties but the reliability and usefulness of inventories are only as good as the inventory clerks that prepare them. That’s why Moving In don’t outsource and ensure that all our staff compiling inventories have the following 4 most important traits: 

  • Self-motivation: 

Self-motivation is essential to perform inventory tasks on a daily basis. All our inventory clerks have a genuine interest in the process and are driven to be the best in their field.

The rental market is competitive and we aim to prove to landlords that we’re going to not only manage, but also protect their investment. Detailed and professional inventory reports are just one of our fantastic selling points!

  • Attention to detail: 

Absolute accuracy when recording information, no matter how it is documented, is essential. A great inventory clerk records information accurately, missing nothing, whilst working efficiently with consideration for time constraints and deadlines but never sacrifices detail. It’s in the detail that a potential dispute will be won or lost. 

  • Analytical Mind: 

Our inventory clerks have practical minds and this can reap rewards in the battle for growing business by displaying that we can develop and utilise methods for more efficient, streamlined and standardised reports for clients.

  • Diplomacy:

With rental properties, we deal with both landlords and tenants. When dealing with both, a pragmatic and diplomatic approach from a true people person is often needed.

Diplomacy is vital as disputes are commonplace in this field and it is the job of our inventory clerk to assess condition in term of facts alone. Adhering to this allows us to provide a truly independent, unbiased and professional inventory service.