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Posted on February 18th 2015 by admin-movingin

Revenge Evictions bill becomes law next month

It has been confirmed that the Deregulation Bill, under which the government is introducing what is effectively a ban on so-called revenge evictions, will now be debated in full by the Lords on March 4 before returning to the Commons for its final reading.

It is very likely that it will be passed by MPs and receive Royal Assent, turning it into law, on March 30.

Amendments passed last week by the Lords mean that, if the bill becomes law, when a complaint alleging a revenge eviction is received relating to a private rented property, the local authority for the area will contact the landlord to resolve the problem.

It will serve an improvement notice if the landlord is clearly at fault and there is a serious issue with the property.

Agents and landlords will then be prohibited from serving a section 21 eviction notice for six months following the issuing of a local authority improvement notice, and under those circumstances tenants may have the right of appeal against eviction.

The arguments against these measures have been well rehearsed by the agency industry, to no avail.